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The main reason that causes Attention Deficit Disorder is still unknown. However, that is a many ways can treat ADD. Alternative Treatment is one of the choices.  Alternative Treatment had become more popular because it is treating ADD without any of the side effect. Previously, people are more using the pharmaceutical treatment such as Ritalin and Adderall to treat their ADD.

Pharmaceutical treatment did show the effectiveness and also help those people with ADD to focus on their task. Unfortunately, they are having something to pay for it. I am not saying the money (of course you have to paid money to buy medicine), I mean their healthy. After they taken the Ritalin and Adderall for long period, they will have different level of fatigue, hard to sleep at night, no appetite to eat, emotional problem, drugs addicted and others bad side effect. All of this bad side effect had really disturbed their life.

When people with ADD said, ADD symptoms is very annoying and they take the Ritalin to reduce it. Although Ritalin solves the ADD symptoms problem, but others problem occurs. It is not a treatment that what a patient need. This is why Alternative Treatment had become the most popular choices for ADD patient.

People with Attention Deficit Disorder slowly switch from the Pharmaceutical Treatment to Alternative Treatment. They knew that the Alternative Treatment for Attention Deficit Disorder might need a long period to reduce the ADD symptoms but they still willing to treat their ADD using alternative treatment. The main reason is just because the alternative treatments are MUCH MORE NATURAL. Alternative Treatment will not bring out another problem to disturb their life. Some of the alternative treatment can help reduce the bad side effect that given by the drugs.


Alternative Medicine for Attention Deficit Disorder

Diet Treatment

Diet treatment is very helpful to reduce the ADD symptoms. Most of the ADD patients have a different level of food allergic. Study shows, ADD patient can see the improvement after the diet treatment started a month later.  Normally, diet list for ADD patient will avoid food that contains sugar and carbohydrate.

Chinese Herbs Medicine Treatment

From 2005 scientist had prove that some of the Chinese Herbs can help to treat the ADD symptoms. Ginkgo Biloba (Bacopa) and Ginseng is the most common natural medicine to increased blood flow to the brain and help the brain to focus. Some others Chinese herbs can also help to reduce anxiety and calms nervous system. Chinese Herbs Medicine can help treat ADD without addiction and no bad side-effect.

Neuro Acupuncture Treatment

Neuro Acupuncture Treatment is an intensive treatment that provided by Chinese Master. Neuro acupuncture can treat ADD/ADHD/Cerebral Palsy/ Brain Damage, all the disease that related to the brain function. Neuro Acupuncture had helped a lot of patient to treat their problem.

Chinese Master recommends intensive treatment for the ADD patient. He will provide 2 -3 times acupuncture session for patient. Neuro Acupuncture is using fine needles to puncture at the scalp to help the energy flow inside the head. When the energy flows, the energy will increase the blood and brain cells flow in the brain. This could help ADD patient to improve the attention level and improve the communication.

Chinese Master is a famous Chinese Physician in Malaysia. He is also very well known in other country. His patient comes from worldwide such as China, Singapore, India, Oman, Australia, US, England, Korea, Japan, and other country.


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